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Natural Paw Balm for Happy and Healthy Paws

Paw Balm

Suitable for cats or dogs maybe used on paws or nose. ( featuring hemp and bromelain)

1.6oz. 50ML


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Our all-natural Paw Balm is the perfect solution to keep your furry friend’s paws healthy and happy. Made with a carefully selected blend of coconut oil, aloe extract, olive oil, and other natural ingredients, it helps protect and soothe dry and cracked paws, providing instant relief and nourishment. The combination of calendula extract, comfrey extract, and other powerful extracts ensures a natural and effective healing experience.

Key Features:

  • All-natural ingredients for safe and effective use
  • Soothes and nourishes dry and cracked paws
  • Protects paws from further damage and infections
  • Contains powerful extracts like calendula and comfrey for natural healing
  • Easy-to-use balm format for hassle-free application.
Weight 1.6 kg