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Cozy Purple Fall Sleeper by Burt’s Bees for Infants


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Keep your little one warm and snug with the Purple Fall Sleeper by Burt’s Bees. Made with 100% organic cotton, this sleeper is soft, breathable, and perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. The charming purple color and cute bee design make it a stylish addition to your baby’s wardrobe. With a handy zipper closure, it’s easy to change your baby’s diaper without disturbing their sleep.

Key features:

  • Made with 100% organic cotton for softness and breathability
  • Charming purple color and cute bee design
  • Zipper closure for easy diaper changes
  • Perfect for keeping your baby warm and snug during the fall season
  • Available in various sizes for infants
Infant clothes Sizes

0 – 3 Months, 3 – 6 Months, 6 – 9 Months, 12 Months, 18 Months, 24 Months