The natural beauty care pub

We at Organic central know soap and teas and we bring to you the finest line of quality handmade soaps and teas you may use for wellness or beauty care needs. We believe wellness is soul deep. It thrives in the balance of becoming one with our natural environment. Organic central is about balance.


New store opening

We have opened our first brick and mortar in Wilmington Delaware. Inside our suite you will see a mix of beauty care, literature, essential foods, essential oils, infant care and our fine collection of handmade soaps and teas. Seasonal organic produce starts May.

Our # 1 seller

Our CBD oil is made with a proprietary blend of full spectrum, organically grown hemp oil. Expert pharmacists produce all of our CBD hemp oil in a cGMP and FDA inspected facility. We invite you to visit our store today and experience the many benefits of CBD oil.

Organic teas

Organic Central is proud to offer organic tea as part of our commitment to sustainable healthy living. We strive to find the world’s most fantastic organic teas and deliver them directly to you. We certify that they are a pleasure to drink at anytime of the day.


2510 kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE